+ Film for the 2008 Show Poster

Other than walking, biking is the most widely accessible form of transportation, exercise and entertainment in the world - just as the poster is the most widely accessible form of art. My lifelong crush on bikes has dovetailed nicely with my more recent affection for great design. And I've been pleasantly surprised to discover that a lot of designers and artists share my love for bikes. After meeting Gene and Jennifer at One On One - a combination bike shop-coffee shop-art gallery - a few years ago, a poster show about bikes seemed like most natural thing in the world. Hence, ARTCRANK.

I'm privileged and lucky to present the work of some fantastically talented people to an appreciative audience. My hope has always been for the artists in the show to approach creating work for ARTCRANK like a bike ride: with a sense of camaraderie, a yen for adventure, a desire to have fun, and a dash of recklessness. I hope you enjoy it in the same spirit.

Charles Youel